Strategic Business Units

Construction and Technical Services

Eram Group is a leading player in the Construction and Infrastructure, offering reliable Engineering and Project Management services and comprehensive solutions blended with quality to the core. Below are our services in Construction and Technical Services.

  Project Management Solutions
  Industrial Construction
  Hydraulic and Pneumatic
  Elevators and Excavators
  Industrial Maintenance
  Fire Protection, Piping and Structural Solutions
  Flooring Solutions


Trading and Supplies

By providing the specialized materials for various verticals of oil & gas, petrochemical, power & water, desalination, steel, cement manufacturing sectors in medium & large industrial companies, Eram Group plays vital role in Trading and Supply. Below are the key services in this area.

  Trading and Contracting Services


Logistics and Support Services

Logistics deals with the planning, management and processing of transportation, supply and delivery of various resources from source to destination with precision and accuracy. We provide a wide variety of services ranging from logistics, Storage, Shifting & Removals, Clearing & Forwarding, Projects & Exhibition Handling and Port Services. Our services related to this domain are given below.

  Equipment Rental


Travel and Tourism

Having more than 30+ years of experience in the field, Travel and Tourism is yet another passion for Eram Group. We have been the link among various countries providing various solutions and packages across the globe. Our extensive and vast experiences in this field make us unique in the market.

  Travel and Tourism


Media and Advertising

Are you looking for Animation solutions, Photography, Videography, Movie, Advertising & e-Printing solutions? All come under the umbrella of Eram Group. We have perfect solution providers in this area with well setup studios and labs with all the latest technologies. Below are our services.

  Advertising Agency
  Animation Lab
  Media Solutions
  Printing Solutions


IT and Electronics

To meet the increasing demand of IT & Electronics, Eram Group providing the state of art technology solutions for both in infrastructural and professional fields. IT infrastructure, Software solutions, Web applications, Talent management solutions, Manufacturing of electronic equipments are the core areas.

  IT & Electronics


Consultancy and Corporate Services

Organizations today are continually exploring ways to make better decisions about talent to minimize risk of a bad hire or promotion and ensure that individual efforts are aligned with business goals. Eram Group is equipped with companies for high-end solutions for proper resource picking, ISO Training and Certification, Visa processing and HR Consultancy and various other corporate services which help to run your business forward. Please visit the below companies for more details.

  Management Systems Consultants
  HR Consultancy
  General Services



Automobile showrooms, Workshops and Spare Parts sale are the major service sectors under this industry. Our properly setup showrooms in India and well equipped workshops and sales centers in India and Saudi Arabia help us to extend our support into this very demanding and fast growing industry. ITL Motors and Eram Automotives are the major players in this field.




Our experience in Manufacturing of Electro-Mechanical equipments, HVAC Systems, Aluminum products and Electronic devices help us to deliver the benchmark products for various verticals. Satisfying the needs of diversified industry standards along with mutually built trust make us unique in the manufacturing field with sustainability. Below are our major manufacturing services.

  HVAC Systems
  Aluminum Cladding Systems
  Power Electronics
  Rubber Manufacturing


Research and Development

To have a Research & Development wing is the dream of any organization. We are proud to have a separate R & D Company itself apart from the normal research and development wings in our various companies. Eram Scientific Solutions mainly focus on the development of sanitation in the world which has turned to the development of e-toilets, e-shops etc. which have bagged 25+ national and international awards.

  Research and Development


Food and catering

Eram Group is committed to serve the society and industry with the quality food services. Our services go well beyond menu planning, site Selection, Decorations, Total Event Planning, Seating & Serving Equipment and Audio. By serving directly and onsite premises in small and large scales, we cater the needs of society as well as the industry. Our Choice Caterers Company is well known for the Food and Catering services.

  Food and Catering services


Health Care

We have come a long way with the commitment and passion of dedicated Professionals, world-class facilities, services and expertise in the field of Health care. With patient-centered treatment and care, we uphold high ethical standards while breaking new grounds in the field of Healthcare. We work towards providing comprehensive healthcare services, thus upholding Eram Group name to reckon with in the Healthcare Industry.

  Health Care